Friday, September 28, 2007

Pinoy Web Logo Competition


"Proudly Pinoy" Logo Design Competition launched logo design competition last Independence Day, 2007. The competition is to design a “Proudly Pinoy” logo which intended for replacement on Filipino websites. The idea is to created a logo which expresses the pride of being Filipino, and which will allow a web site to elegantly declare its Philippines identity.

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Proud to be Pinoy!

Education for All


Teachers’ groups launch ‘education for all’ movement

Four national organizations of teachers formed Thursday the Education For All (EFA) Movement, a broad alliance that will campaign for quality basic education for Filipino children.

The coalition is composed of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), the Samahan ng Manggagawang Pilipino-National Organization of Teachers and Office Workers (SMP-NATOW), Teachers’ Organization of the Philippine Public Sector (TOPPS), and Trade Union VIII-Education-Federation of Free Workers (TU VIII-FFW).

ACT chairman Antonio Tinio said the organizations forming the nucleus of EFA are all affiliates of Education International, the global union of teachers and education workers.Will exert pressure on the government to fulfill its commitment made at the World Education Forum in Dakar in the year 2000, to provide quality basic education for all by 2015.

The launching of the movement was held at the Batasan Hills National High School in Quezon City, attended by leaders and representatives of various teacher organizations, including the Manila Public School Teachers’ Association, Quezon City Public School Teachers’ Association, Philippine Public School Teachers’ Association-NCR, and faculty and staff unions from the University of the Philippines, Philippine Normal University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, University of Rizal System, La Concordia College, and Jose Rizal University.

In a manifesto the movement issued Thursday, the alliance noted that the alarming increase in the number of dropouts and out-of-school children, low achievement levels, declining status of teachers and worsening conditions in public schools pose serious obstacles to the achievement of education for all by 2015. They called on the Arroyo government to take drastic action to address this problem by raising the budget for education to six percent of the gross national product; establishing free, universal preschool education; enacting a law making elementary education compulsory, in accordance with Article 14 of the Constitution; subsidizing poor children who are most at risk of dropping out; eliminating all school fees and charges in public schools; and ensuring a more conducive learning environment by providing adequate trained teachers, classrooms, and other resources.

The movement also urged for improving the status of the teaching profession by raising salaries and benefits of public school teachers, recognizing their democratic rights, including trade union rights, reducing class sizes and work loads, and providing adequate and high-quality teacher training.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Philippine King of the Road


Philippines Taxi and King of the Road

The jeepney is the most popular mode of transportation in the Philippines. It is comparable to taxis and minibuses that travels along fixed routes yet it is only found in the Philippines. This is ethnic and rare mode of transportation has the traditional hood decorations such as a horse & several mirrors and an antenna on it’s left front fender. Other details include headlights, signal lights and license plates which has Manila on it. It even has a steering wheel and gear shift. The jeepney has rubber tires and is painted with real automotive paint with a glossy finish. Each one is intricately assembled and finished by hand.

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Crazy dancing baby.


Watch this baby show off some classic dance moves.


Be Your Own Boss


Top 5 "Be Your Own Boss" Careers

A growing number of Americans have discovered the joys of working for themselves. By developing a marketable skill, you can work directly for customers and clients without having to worry about middle managers or boring company presentations. In today's increasingly flexible job market, medical careers no longer require working in hospitals, and technology degree holders can find lucrative work from their home offices.
According to government data, these five careers offer some of the easiest ways to get started with self-employment. In many cases, you can usually start earning money while completing your formal training.

1. Home Health Aide

While most home health aides spend their time working from clients' homes, this fast-growing profession combines many of the benefits of a nursing career with the flexibility of self-employment. Earning $20,000 per year or more by working part-time, a typical home health aide assists clients when he or she is not caring for family members or completing a nursing degree program.
Many states require a prospective home health aide to hold an associate medical degree, as well as a personal bond. Though some home health aids are truly self-employed, the vast majority of professionals book clients through a professional agency. Agencies provide tax withholding, bookkeeping, and business support for home health aides. Some larger agencies even provide tuition reimbursement for online health degrees.

2. Private Investigator

A criminal justice degree and a love for working unusual hours are two of the most important ingredients for a job as a private investigator. Private eyes often transition to this career during or after a similar career in law enforcement. Retired or injured police officers who cannot return to active duty often take on P.I. work to supplement pension or insurance payments.
Hard work in the field pays very well, since skip tracing and other collection activities frequently offer larger, immediate bonuses. Many private investigators earn over $32,000 per year working full-time. However, the flexibility of P.I. work allows many professionals to spend time attending law school or completing other degree programs.

3. Freelance Database Administrator

Nearly every business in America relies on a database, yet few small businesses can afford to hire a full time staff member with a technology degree. Therefore, the market for freelance database administrators has blossomed over the past ten years.
Many online technical degree programs now offer elective courses on business management and marketing for freelance professionals. Meanwhile, online technology courses help freelancers earn and maintain industry certifications. Working full time from home, some freelance database administrators earn $60,000 or more per year.

4. Personal Chef

Don't confuse today's personal chef with a nanny or housekeeper. Professional personal chefs spend their afternoons bouncing between two, three, or four home kitchens, putting their culinary degrees to work for clients. Many personal chefs earn $33,000 or more per year, without the long hours or the stress of working in a commercial kitchen.
Personal chefs are also part of another interesting trend in larger cities: personal dinner preparation centers. Customers can book time at these open, professional kitchens where chefs help prepare ingredients that can be completed quickly at home. Personal chefs often round out their schedules by teaching group culinary courses at the homes of clients or at catering facilities.

5. Graphic Designer

Thanks to new technology, a growing number of graphic designers prefer to work from home studios and keep their own hours. Some modern graphic design degree training is done on software that can run on home computers. Working from home allows many creative people the chance to complete online graphic design degrees while still earning an income of $38,000 per year or more.
Although working from home requires more discipline than working at an agency, many graphic design schools offer time management and business courses that help students prepare for the freelance life. Local graphic design colleges also sponsor exhibitions, seminars, and other social events that help professionals make valuable, personal connections.

Transitioning to Self-Employment

Many career experts recommend testing the waters before making a major career change that involves being your own boss. For example, taking a few culinary courses can help you decide whether you really have the patience and the skill to become a personal chef. Likewise, an introductory online technology course can determine whether you've got the passion to make databases your full time job.
While working independently can hold tremendous personal rewards, self-employment carries some burdens and risks. Experts encourage self-employed professionals to save at least a third of their income in a high-interest savings fund to cover emergency expenses, unexpected sick days, and income tax withholding. On the flip side, small business owners can often take tax deductions on work-related equipment and professional development programs. Enrolling in online career training courses today can help you start your own career transition.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

100 Most Amazing Dog Breeds Morphing


100 dog breeds blend into one another in this computer-generated short


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Iloilo Marathon qualifier


Former marathon leg champ, rookie shine in Iloilo qualifier

LOILO CITY -- Former leg winner Eric Panique and rookie Meriam Miranda topped the 21-kilometer qualifying race of the 31st National Milo Marathon in an out-and-back course here at the Freedom Park here.

Panique, the 2005 Iloilo leg champion, pulled away from the lead pack after the first seven kilometers and never looked back, finishing in one hour, 12 minutes and four seconds.

Placing second was Panique’s running buddy Anthony Babiera, who came in two minutes and two seconds behind. Local favorite Wilfredo Gelladula Jr., who won here last year, settled for third place in 1:16:11.

The 18-year-old Miranda of Victorias, Negros Occidental, won the women’s race in 1:45:50, seven seconds ahead of last year’s winner Genevieve dela Pena.

Allyn Grace Salas was third in 1:47:28.

The top three runners in both divisions qualified to the grand finals in Metro Manila in November.

Herman Suizo of Sta. Barbara, Iloilo stole the limelight, however, as the 1986 and 1987 Milo Marathon national champion, now 47, came out of retirement to finish the 21K race at ninth place in 1:23:09.

Suizo, who last competed 10 years ago, used to own the Milo Marathon mark of 2:23:36. The current record held by two-time Olympian Eduardo Buenavista is 2:18:53 he set during the National Capital Region leg of the ongoing season last July 22.

The winners of the 5K fun of the race held in partnership with Bayview Park Hotel-Manila, adidas and the Department of Tourism, were Darius Roquero in the men’s category and Jean Palencia in the women’s division.

Topping the 3K race for kids were Abe Sulit and Cristella Villaluna in the 6-9 age group and Alan James Sitchon and Mauren Grace Estanda in the 10-12 category.

Councilor Joe III Espinosa fired the starting gun that flagged off 6,831 runners. Rep. Raul Gonzalez Jr. joined the 5K fun run along with Iloilo City Councilor Jamjam Baronda and Vice Mayor Jed Mabilog.

The country’s biggest and longest-running marathon returns to Luzon on Sunday, Sept. 9, in Naga City.

source:Philippine Daily Inquirer